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People want to know the story behind a business. On this page we will explain how we got started with pet boarding

We are Lisa and James. LBH Pet Boarding is mostly run by Lisa with a little help from James


I have been surrounded by animals since I could crawl. I have always had pets of various shapes and forms, and this passion for animals has carried on into adult life. We currently are the owners of the following.

  • Cally - thoroughbred x connemara horse
  • Penny - a welsh pony
  • Billy and Beano - our 2 rabbits
  • Timmy - the guinea pig
  • Jack - the piebald hamster
  • Porky - our old cat.

As a family we have always struggled to have holidays because finding someone to look after our various animals was difficult as no family lived near.

I realised that other people were in a similar situation and thats why we came up with the idea of LBH Pet Boarding.

When James met me he was petless. When we moved in together he quickly gained 3 cats and a dog. With the birth of our children, we added various rabbits, guinea pigs and fish to our collection.
James works as a lecturer at Leicester University